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Now Available!

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

It's release day!!

Her Captain's Honor is now available from Amazon and in KU! The paperback will be available in a couple weeks.

In this sequel we have:

  • An uncertain future. Though both Nadia and James love each other and want to be together, the question is how? Marriage is the only respectable way. Is that a path they want to travel?

  • A blast from the past. James left his past on the battlefields of Flanders and the Low Countries. He never looked back.

  • His past came knocking. Alis was his former lover's companion. How did she find James in London? And is the little girl she brings with her really James's?

  • Spies. Is Alis a spy? She certainly has something else up her sleeve other than bringing his child to him. But what, exactly?

  • Road Trip. Nadia and James agree they need to travel to Dover, a proverbial hotbed of French spying and intrigue. They travel with Nadia's BFF's grandmother.

  • On their way from London to Dover, they run into a wee bit of trouble.

  • Once in Dover, they discover more than spies.

Captain James St. Clair is ready to set aside his bachelor ways. If only proposing to Nadia was as easy as blowing up the wharf where they met. He’s never been a man to hesitate when he makes up his mind, but war with France still looms on the horizon and he has orders to follow. He loves Nadia and he won’t allow anything to get in the way of their future.

Then his past came knocking.

Nadia Koltsova is many things, a smuggler, a businesswoman, and lover to one of the bravest men she’d ever met. She is not a jealous woman or a fool. Society deems her passionate nights with James scandalous, but that’s not why her thoughts have turned to marriage. He is everything she wants in a partner and more.

Then a woman appears on their doorstep with a child she claims is James’s.

He remembers her from his time in Flanders, an old lover’s companion, but now he suspects she’s a French spy. They track her through the wharves of the Thames to Dover, determined to stop her from delivering Britain into France’s hands.

Together Nadia and James navigate French spies, James's past, and a future they know they want together. But will the revelations they find tear them apart? Or bring them together forever?


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