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He’s no
prince charming.

She’s no
damsel in distress.


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Latest Releases

"Kaya ran her fingers through his hair, nails scraping his scalp. Paul sighed into her touch and the lines around his mouth eased. He might not feel nauseous anymore, but he was still in pain. A pain she did not understand and had no idea how to ease."

A Lover's Promise

"The door swung open, banging against the wall and sending a shock of icy wind through the room. Nadia turned toward it, the cold slithering down her spine and settling like a rock in her stomach. She was suddenly certain this was the omen she’d spoken into being. Why, oh why, had she opened her mouth?"

Her Captain's Honor

THE LADY'S MARQUESS  300 dpi.jpg

"She’d grown up with money. Knew the good and bad of it, what it bought and what it couldn’t, and what people were willing to do to obtain it. It wasn’t the man’s obvious wealth that had all the breath rush from her. It was the man himself."

The Lady's Marquess

A LOVER'S PROMISE 300 dpi.jpg







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